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“To nurture and enlighten the next generation of responsible leaders who will benefit others through knowledge, strong character and social responsibility.

To provide the platform for relevant and effective educational programmes with a primary objective of engaging with younger people.”

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About Us

Al Manaar Institute is a unique and innovative education centre and community hub which provides high quality learning and education which nurtures holistic development. In a safe and warm environment, our institution provides our students opportunities which are challenging and exciting, balancing academic excellence with recreational and fun activities.

As well as catering for the spiritual and religious needs of our community, we focus on character development, social responsibilities and leadership skills with our young learners. Our approach also aims to inculcate the need and importance of public service and charitable work in our community. Our innovative and successful educational model combines tradition to the modern world.

The advanced curriculum emphasises on using technology making learning interactive, enjoyable and inspiring. This primarily focuses on transforming pupils intellectually, socially, and spiritually by developing their self-confidence, personal development and character.

The Most Complete Gift of God is a life based on Knowledge

Ali ibn Abi Talib

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